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Events, Partnerships & Others

We are constantly building our relationships with other businesses in the community, and like getting involved to organise events to spread the word about health and fitness. Educating about the role of a healthy lifestyle is important to us, and we want to share the impact with others!

The Green Race

The Green Race was based on the idea of a client who forwarded a video of the "plogging" movement. The combination of running and collecting waste seemed ideal to raise awareness about an active lifestyle and reduced plastic use.


We got GoGreen Cambodia involved and gathered other partners to organise a cleanup of  unseen scales in Cambodia.






Liters of Trash


We like working with others. That is why we frequently collaborate with different businesses: For special workout classes, to make fantastic events happen, or to do some good for the community. Whatever the reason, we value those partnerships and want to share them with you!

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Our Official Partners

Find out more about the businesses we partner with. 


Fitness and Health Club

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