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Your goals are

what we work for.

LLFitness is the leading personal training company in Cambodia, providing you with high-end training, physiotherapy and nutrition services.

Our team is internationally certified to the highest standards, and we do our best to give you the exceptional experience that you deserve. 

Melanie F. 

Lorenzo loves his job and is one of the most professional trainers I've had so far. Sessions are intense and fun - the best way to start the weekend!

Don M.

At 57 years of age I am probably in the best shape of my life. I cannot thank LLFitness enough for their broad knowledge, friendship and incredible motivational skills.

woman working out

Ramona R. 

I have been training with LLFitness for a year now; they are experienced, committed trainers. I really enjoy the variety of the sessions, but also the supportive and fun environment. 

What Our Clients Say

At LLFitness, we are all about health. 

We provide you with a wide range of services, and while our methods are founded on the latest findings and developments in the industry, we always focus on one thing: The client. Helping you meet your individual needs and achieve your personal goals is at the heart of our organisation, and what drives each one of us.

Find out more about our company and what we can offer you. 

It's far more than just personal training.

Free Online Classes

Stay fit from the comfort and safety of your home. Completely free of charge, from us for you. 

Our team is the core of our company, and each member contributes to our success. Learn more about their unique talents!




Training is hard, and staying motivated is even harder.
Make it more fun with our sportswear and accessories! 




Whether you are interested in a specific service, or just want to get some more details on how we do things - let us know!




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