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Personalized individual programs and one-on-one sessions
with your own trainer

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We offer services for any age, dream and situation in life. And they are all tailored to you.

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Personal Fitness


We recognize that everyone has individual needs, dreams, and goals. That is why every personal training program is tailored specifically to you, and the goals that you want to achieve. We develop a comprehensive personal fitness program we work on together with you in private workout sessions, so your trainer can focus completely on your personal needs. Whether you are just starting to exercise or looking for some variety in your existing routine, we will make it happen.

Depending on your objective, you will use different weight training and cardiovascular equipment - of course always guided by your trainer to ensure correct exercise technique and avoid injuries. To challenge your body and mind during every  training, we integrate a wide range of disciplines and methods  into our sessions. Depending on your abilities and preferences, this could include strength training, mobility and stretching sessions, cardiovascular exercise, or performance-oriented exercise.


Our performance training is a specific, results-driven training program for athletes or beginners - there are no limits to your age, level or goals! You work closely with your trainer on an age-, skill-, and sport-specific program that fosters your physical and mental preparedness, to reach your best state and ultimate performance.


Training programs to enhance your athletic performance target your strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, mobility and agility. Additionally, together we work on mental preparation and goal setting, recovery and regeneration techniques, nutrition, rehabilitation, and injury risk reduction - all to get you ready to achieve your dream. 



Private group training is a great way for you to work out in a motivating, dynamic, and fun environment while enjoying  the focus on safety and technique that you would receive in a private training session. You get a chance to focus on your own goals and achievements with the added benefit of motivation from your friends or family, as well as your trainer.

You will encounter all kinds of exercises and training systems in your private group sessions - as long as it is fun and helps you achieve your goals. 



Misxed martial arts, or MMA training and conditioning is essential for professional fighters, but also a great workout for beginners and anyone who is interested.


Depending on what you are training for - whether it is a special event or just to get fit - there will be different elements from boxing and MMA incorporated in the training, as well as different exercises to improve your strength, endurance, agility, and explosive power. 


A personal trainer helps you to reach the next step on your journey. We help you to set your own goal, and then we achieve it together. Whatever it takes.

Health &Rehabiltation
MMA &Boxing
Private Groups
Athletic Development
Postral Rehabilitaton
Pre &Postnatal
Myofascial Release


The combination of physiotherapy and strengthening exercise helps us to achieve the best, safest, and fastest results for you when you are recovering from and injury. Our physiotherapist works closely with the trainers to offer you a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation. We provide physiotherapy to all clients - those who come to us with an injury, post-surgery, or with a long-term condition you want to treat. If you are looking to stay safe during sports and exercise, we are happy to give advice and information to prevent injuries before they happen!


Training plans are created between the trainer and physiotherapist to allow a smooth transition from treatment, to follow-up training and strengthening. Every thing is specified for your personal needs: We treat the patient, not the injury.



Good posture is essential for a healthy physique, and to avoid injuries and health issues in the future. Specific exercises can help you to achieve the correct length and tension relationship between muscle groups and help to improve your posture towards the ideal. 


After measuring your body and assessing any issues, we know which areas of your body need to be targeted with either focused stretching or corrective strengthening exercises. We will create an individual program based on your measurements to help our you to a better posture - and a better health. 

As part of our physiotherapy services, myofascial release (MFR) therapy focuses on releasing muscular tightness by applying gentle pressure to certain trigger points in your body. This can help you with stiffness in your muscles, pain, and restricted motion or flexibility.
We work with a qualified specialist who assesses any fascial restrictions and helps you to facilitate the release of the fascia by applying gentle pressure or sustained stretching, tailored to your individual condition.


Exercise is good for everyone, especially if you are a mom – even a pregnant one. Regular activity can be beneficial for you and your baby during pregnancy. Exercise will help you prepare for the "marathon" of labor and delivery, which will be much easier if you are fit - instead of working out to tighten up, you work out to loosen up, relieve stress and prepare for childbirth


After having your baby this will change, and we create a program for you to rebuild the muscles that stretched to accommodate your baby, strengthen your pelvic floor, and work on your posture if it changed during your pregnancy. We adjust any exercises to your personal condition to get your heart pumping, stretch your body, and help you manage weight gain.


Your health is one of your most valuable assets. We help you take care of it - whether you are recovering or making sure you stay healthy in the future, we do our best to achieve your best. 

Lifestyle &Eduation

We place as much emphasis on nutrition and a healthy diet as we do on personal training. Nutrition is the most essential element of a successful health and fitness program, and we help you to understand the impact nutrition has on your performance and well-being. 


We make sure that you always stay in control by helping you to have a strategy for every occasion, whether it is a holiday, work trip, dinner party, or just life in general. All of this is off course tailored to your personal goal: from reducing your body fat, managing diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and other conditions to muscle gain and sports supplementation.

Exercising with friends is a fun way for your children to be active and move while socializing with others. While physical activity is important at a young age for a healthy development, posture, and immune system, it also increases you kid's confidence and helps them learn about a healthy lifestyle right from the start.
Each session is different to give your children a new, fun experience every time. Through playful exercise, we work on agility, balance and strength. We use natural movements that encourage children to have fun, be creative and enjoy being active. The trainer is always there to supervise the kids closely to avoid any injuries. Help your children learn about exercise and teach them early on and raise a healthy, happy family.
It is never too late to learn! Workshops are a great way to get to know more about fitness, nutrition, and overall health. You can book a fun weekend workshop with friends, a professional training for your company's team, or an educational day with your family - it is all up to you. 
During our workshops we make sure that everyone has fun by making it as interactive as possible. Depending on your needs, it can be a presentation for a large group or a game session  with a few people. We always adjust the level to suit the group, from basic fitness principles to advanced nutrition.  

Maybe you saw a video of someone doing suspension training and want to try it at home, or you are going on holiday and want to keep exercising. Buying your own equipment can be expensive, especially if you need it only sometimes. That is why we rent various exercise equipment for you to try out and use at home at your own convenience. 
All rental equipment comes with an introduction and a few guidelines on how to use it, and we will make sure to explain everything to you. 


There is more to fitness than just exercise. Our approach is wholesome, and we help you with all aspects of life that affect your health and happiness. 

Equipment Rental
Children's Fitness

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